Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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How many isomers of THC are in cannabis and beyond?

A century ago, cannabis was respected but not well understood in the scientific literature. The intoxicating ingredient, THC, was officially…

By hempcbdtimes , in Ask An Expert Ask Dr. Markus Cannabinoids Cannabis Cannabis 101 Cannabis News Delta 10 delta 6a(10a) THC Delta 7 Delta 9 Delta-10-THC Delta-6a(7a)-THC Delta-7-THC Delta-8 Delta-8 THC delta-9-THC Delta6a(10a) THC Delta6a(7a) Education exo THC featured isomer Marijuana News science THC News , at March 7, 2021

Are you a Grey Market Greg or a Newbie Nancy? The four types of cannabis customers

During my time as a budtender in Vancouver, I experienced all different types of customers. Over time, I noticed that…

By hempcbdtimes , in Budtender budtender education Cannabis Cannabis 101 Cannabis Canada cannabis consultant cannabis legalization cannabis sales cannabis store cbd sales consumer consumption Editorial Education featured Grey market legal cannabis legal market legal retail cannabis Marijuana News products RECREATIONAL CANNABIS retail retail cannabis safe shopping thc sales , at March 5, 2021

Season 2 Ask an Expert Encore: Building Cannabinoids with Dr Markus Roggen

Welcome to the Season 2 Ask an Expert Encore, Building Cannabinoids with Dr Markus Roggen. Watch Dr. Markus play with…

By hempcbdtimes , in Ask An Expert building cannabinoids building molecules Cannabis 101 CBD decarboxylation Dr. Markus Roggen Education Encore featured Health Instructional Interviews isoprene myrcene science Season 2 series terpene molecule terpenes THC THC molecular structure Videos , at February 24, 2021

Are blue and pink THC diamonds different salts or contaminants?

Color is a tantalizing trend. Impossible Burger had difficulty with the FDA’s regulatory hoops due to man-made soy proteins’ blood-red…

By hempcbdtimes , in Ask An Expert Ask Dr. Markus blue thc cannabinoid salt Cannabis 101 cannabis legalization Cannabis News copper (II) hydroxide featured fwaygo extracts Health Health & Sex interview Marijuana News metal metal contamination pink thc salt science Technology thc diamonds THC News thc salt willbilly willybilly tek , at February 21, 2021

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